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Become a Recruiter

WaveSide Entertainment [WSE] makes becoming an official Webcam Model Recruiter quick and easy.

You can have your own Personalized Recruiters Webpage in minutes!

Your Personalized Recruiters Webpage is 100% FREE to create and launch.

WaveSide Entertainment will host your Personalized Recruiters Webpage for FREE!

You DO NOT have to buy your own domain name.

To get your Personalized Recruiters Webpage......

FIRST Click on ‘Recruiter Application’ button at the right or bottom of this page.

Then, follow these 6 EASY steps:


Step 1 Enter Personal Information

Enter personal information requested


Step 2 Enter Login Information

Before you proceed, if you need to change something, click ‘PREV’.

Enter your email and select a password to be used to Login to your Recruiters Area


Step 3 Choose Template

Before you proceed, if you need to change something on a previous Step click ‘PREV’ until you reach the page you need to make a change to.

What is a TEMPLATE? It is a design for a Recruiters webpage with WaveSide Entertainment.

There are several TEMPLATE’s available for you to choose from.

Select the TEMPLATE you want to be used for your Recruiters Webpage by clicking on the TEMPLATE of your choice, then click NEXT.


Step 4 Webpage Name

Before you proceed, if you need to change something on a previous Step click ‘PREV’ until you reach the page you need to make a change to.

Enter webpage name you wish to use for your Personalized Recruiters Webpage.

All webpage names will go under


Step 5 Enter Promotional & Social Networks URLs

Before you proceed, if you need to change something on a previous Step click ‘PREV’ until you reach the page you need to make a change to.

On this section, you can enter URLs for Promotional links and Social Networks specified, if you want to. By doing so, you will gain exposure for each URL you enter, on your Personalized Recruiters Webpage.

To add URLs, click on the white box under each URL title. After you enter URLs - double check them for accuracy, then click NEXT.


Step 6 Agree and Confirm

Before you proceed, if you need to change something on a previous Step click ‘PREV’ until you reach the page you need to make a change to.

Click on ‘Terms of Services’ and read. After you have read that page, click box and then click SUBMIT.

After you click SUBMIT, please allow up to 24 hours for our Review Team to contact you from YOUR TICKETS with an approval on your Webpage.

Once approved, to view your Personalized Recruiters Webpage simply log into your Recruiters Area and your page will appear.

To EDIT your Recruiters Webpage, simply click the EDIT button above your Webpage, when you log into your Recruiters Area.


Marketing Your Personalized Web Page

Recruiters can promote the URL to their Recruiters Webpage everywhere on the Internet or any place they desire, outside the Internet.

The goal for Recruiters is to attract as many models as possible to their Recruiters Webpage

Recruiters may wish to post the URL for their Recruiters Webpage on social networks. [see list below for examples]:



Models Wish List: 

Webcam Models Blog:

Webcam Models Forum:





Adult Search:



Additional locations to promote Recruiters Webpage to recruit webcam models:

  • Online forums for working at home

  • Adult forums

  • Forums for making money

  • Affiliate programs

  • Adult websites

  • Modeling websites

Recruiters can recruit potential webcam models offline through friends, networking, placing ads in local newspapers, distributing flyers on college campuses, nightclubs and strip clubs, as well as attending adult entertainment related tradeshows and special events

Recruiters can also search the Internet for various methods to promote their Recruiters Webpage, using an endless variety of website search terms pertaining to webcam modeling.

Recruiters can also have business cards made up with the URL to their Recruiters Webpage and pass them out to anyone age 18+, who may be interested in becoming a webcam model - a job with unlimited earning potential, for those willing to work it.

Recruiters Payouts

Recruiters earn 10% of all referred webcam models earnings generated, from applications that originated from your Recruiters Webpage link. WSE accepts females, males, couples, lesbians, gays, transvestites or transgender applicants, age 18+.

Recruiters can earn an unlimited amount of money, even into the thousands of dollars each and every month.

Once a webcam model referred from your Recruiters Webpage link is approved and they start to stream live, you will be able to track the models earnings when they are paid out, from inside your Recruiters Area. You will view Recruiters information by logging in from Recruiter Login located at top of WSE websites. The more people you refer to apply as webcam models, when they are approved, stream live and post earnings from private chats with clients, the higher your earnings potential as a recruiter can grow.

These extra earnings can quickly add up to a substantial amount, on a weekly basis. This is why it is so important to promote your Recruiters Webpage and get on your way to raking in some serious money!

Sample of Potential Recruiters Earnings

Your Recruited
Models Earnings
Your Recruiters
Earnings 10%
10 Recruited Models
x $150.00 = Your Earnings
20 Recruited Models
x $150.00 = Your Earnings
$1500.00 a week $150.00 a week $1500.00 a week $3000.00 a week

Recruiter Payout Methods

Recruiter earnings are paid on or before the 10th business day of each month.

Earnings will accumulate and are held until minimum payout is met, per payout method you select on the Payout Methods page inside the Recruiters area.

Webcam Model Recruiter payout methods available include:

  • Check sent via USPS if you are located inside the USA
  • Direct Deposit to checking account, available worldwide
  • Payoneer available worldwide

Webcam Model Recruiters with a USA mailing address will be required to complete and submit a W9 form to WaveSide Entertainment, with earnings reported by WSE to the IRS as required by law, on a 1099 each calendar year.

Webcam Model Recruiters agree and acknowledge that calculation of commission owed by WSE shall be final, binding and non-disputable.


Click on ‘Recruiter Application’ button at the right or bottom of this page.

Fill out the application then, follow the EASY steps to create and launch your Personalized Recruiters Webpage.