Become a Cam Model Today! provides the highest quality of Webcam Model support in the cam modeling industry. We treat our Webcam Models with the respect and dignity they deserve. Working as a Webcam Model is the new career many women and men, age 18+, are partaking in. If you are an attractive female or male with the right equipment and are willing to stream live on a full time basis, thousands of dollars per week in earnings, is within your reach. If you plan to be a part-time Webcam Model, you still can make a very good living by earning hundreds into the thousand dollar levels or more each week.

Your identity as a webcam model will never be compromised - you are 100% safe and secure being part of the WaveSide Entertainment network. Our webcam models have the ability to block regions of their choice.

Benefits of being a Webcam Model include that it’s sexy fun, compliments are endless from cam voyeur members and you are the center of attention in your Cam Model Sex Chat Room. You can stream live alone or you and your partner or friend can stream live as a couple. You decide.

If you want to 'be your own boss' and if you have the self-discipline needed to run your own business as a Webcam Model, read on.

Cam Models Set Their Own Work Hours

Webcam models work from the safety and security of their own home. This is the ultimate career where you can work full time or part time - at your choice - with no commute. Work toward your financial goals, on your own schedule. Join the thousands of others who made their own choice to make Webcam Modeling, their new career.

We have thousands of models around the world who determine the days of the week they want to work, and the hours they want to work. You can too. Have the freedom you desire to work when you want to - depending upon the amount of money you intend to work towards.

Remember, if you don't work, you won't get paid. Just like any job. You will get out of this job, what you put into it. You are your own boss. Can you make yourself work hours you set?

If you would enjoy flirting and getting a little naughty on your webcam in front of those willing to pay you for it, you can earn much more than minimum wage. Just like any business - webcam modeling is a business - you will have to work the business to be financially successful. You will need to spend time online, get known for what you have to offer your clients while creating a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Your true identity will never be released. The security of our Webcam Models is top priority - nothing is more important and your safety is never overlooked.

No one will ever know where you live. No one will be able to contact you, other than from your own Webcam Model chat room. If you want to block someone who you don't like, you can do it.

You will create an online identity of your choice, being referred to by the Webcam Model name you select. Decide where you want to tell your client that you live. Remember to select an area with a similar climate. You don't want to be streaming live and talking about a blizzard - when you told your clients you live in some tropical area. Be realistic with your virtual world location - but at a safe distance. You are completely safe as a Webcam Model.

Largest Adult Entertainment Network In The World

WaveSide Entertainment operates the largest online adult modeling network in the world. We continue to grow because we take care of our most important assets, our Webcam Models. We provide the highest amount of quality, adult traffic available for the success of our Webcam Models. Our Network is one of the most visited, on the Internet, targeting over 500 million visitors each month.

Our models receive guidance from a team of representatives who know what it takes to be financially successful as Webcam Models. Many of our representatives are current and former models - they know the business inside and out. If you intend to be successful as a Webcam Model, follow suggestions from your Representatives - they will never steer you wrong and are always looking out for your best interest.

We offer you the opportunity for a lucrative business, it is up to you on how much effort you put into it, as to how much you will earn from it.

Webcam Models need a lot of traffic to make their business successful. We provide non-stop traffic for all our models, from clients all around the world who are anxious to spend their money on models who provide them with a great show. Webcam models can be paid handsomely, for providing quality adult shows.

Our goal is to guide every Model who applies, to page #1 placement. Those who work with their designated Representatives can succeed at being on page #1. We aim to provide an unsurpassed, virtual world experience.

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What You Need To Become A Cam Model

PC or Laptop

To stream live as a Webcam Model, you will need a PC or laptop computer with a webcam and microphone. Your computer/laptop should be running on the newest version of Windows with at least 128 MB (megabytes) of ram as part of your Adult Models Equipment. A faster computer will provide a cleaner stream which is required, for customer satisfaction. Your computer should be running on an i7 processor with at least 3 GB (gigabytes) of RAM. To run the software to stream live, you will need to use one of the following web browsers: Google Chrome or Firefox - newest versions available. We don't recommend that Models use Internet Explorer to stream live due to incompatibility issues.


The best streaming video will be produced by a common camcorder and a capture card however; a basic web camera will work just fine. To broadcast in HD [high definition] video, we recommend the Logitech 9000 series webcam.

Internet Connection

You will need at least 0.6Mbps upload speed from your Internet provider, to stream live as a Webcam Model. We suggest the fastest Internet connection available to increase the quality of your video stream. The Network provides the bandwidth which allows you to perform for as many customers at one time who want to watch your show.

Proof of Identification

During the application process you will need to upload a CLEAR picture of your valid "not expired" government issued photo ID, driver's license or passport to verify you are age 18+. You will need to upload a CLEAR visible picture of you holding your valid "not expired" government issued photo ID, driver's license or passport next to your face. Both your face and your ID must be CLEAR and fully legible. Your name and birthdate must be CLEAR and legible in both pictures. All pictures requested are required by law. Each file should be no larger than 2MB and permitted file formats include: jpg, gif, bmp, tif or tiff. Failure to provide CLEAR pictures will result in your application being declined until you provide CLEAR and legible pictures. Look at your pictures before you send them, if you can't read it, neither can we.


During the cam model application process, you will need to upload at least 3 CLEAR pictures for your online cam model profile. One of the pictures you need to upload must be a CLEAR visible picture of your face ONLY. We certainly encourage more than one photo after your account has been approved. Remember, the sexier the pictures the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Get started right now on the path toward your new career as an Elite Webcam Model with the WaveSide Entertainment network.

All fields throughout the entire application marked with an asterisk [ * ] must be completed.

Take your time filling out your cam model application and be sure to enter correct information especially your mailing address, phone number and especially your email address.

NOTE: When you are filling out the Couples Application there are two sections, one for each person. The first persons information will be entered on the left side of the Application under 'Model #1 Information' and the second persons information will be entered on the right side of the Application under 'Model #2 Information'.

During the Application process, double check all information you enter for accuracy as incorrect information WILL DELAY your application process. All information you provide is held in the strictest confidence.

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