Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] and Answers

How many cam model sites will I appear on?

Your cam model profile will appear on thousands of websites promoted to millions of voyeur members.

How much can I earn as a cam model?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn as one of our Cam Models! Our Cam Models earn money from tips, private shows and from Tokens. Our top paying Cam Models earn $2000+ per week from voyeur members plus, WaveSide Entertainment offers a Weekly Bonus up to 25% of what you earn per week! The amount you earn is dependant upon the amount of time you spend on your webcam and the number of days during the week, that you work as a Cam Model.

Do I need experience to become a Cam Model?

No. We provide extensive information and resources for you to read about becoming a financially successful Cam Model on our Network.

Is it safe to work as a Cam Model with WaveSide Entertainment?

Absolutely! There is NEVER a fee to join and your real identity is 100% safe. We provide the highest quality of Cam Model support in the Cam Modeling Industry!

Will I need to create my own camming schedule?

YES. In order to be financially successful as a cam model you must be willing to work on your webcam during a regular schedule that you create. To build your voyeur member base, you can work whenever you want but, to be successful, you must commit to being online during specific days and times of those days to stay consistent. This is a privileged opportunity of a lifetime as a Cam Model and to be financially successful, you must have strong work ethics.

How often do Internet Webcam Models get paid?

Internet Webcam Model payouts are processed on the first business day of the week. Earnings periods run Saturday 6:00pm Eastern Time to the next Saturday at 5:59pm Eastern Time. Internet Webcam Models payouts processed always fall one week behind.

What Payout methods are available?

See Payout Methods inside Model Area, we have several to choose from.

What is minimum payout amount?

See Payout Methods inside Model Area. Earnings accumulate until minimum is met for Payout.

How do I Become A Cam Model?

Complete the Cam Models Application if you are age 18+ by clicking Here.

Do you deduct for chargebacks?

Models are not responsible for chargebacks.

If you have a question not addressed here Contact Us.